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Burn chamber heats up WPPJ meeting

Police jury to consider rescinding resolution opposing burn chamber staying after M6 destruction complete

Webster Parish Police Jurors Jerri Lee, District 9 and Dustin Moseley, District 12, listen as John Madden asked the jury to add a vote to rescind a resolution passed in December 2016 against the contained burn chamber staying once the M6 destruction is complete.

Emotions ran high when a vote to add the burn chamber resolution to the agenda did not happen at Tuesday’s Webster Parish Police Jury meeting.

The jury added recreational funding from the police jury’s recreation funds to help fund training for a clerk at the Ward I Marshal’s Office, but when the request to add rescinding of the resolution that states the jury is against the burn chamber staying, Parish Attorney Patrick Jackson said in order for it to go on the agenda, it had to have a unanimous vote.

However, John Madden, the one who made the request, asked to have


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