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Bob Festervand will watch baseball forever

The Lakeside Warriors and Calvary Cavaliers join together at the pitcher’s mound on Warrior Field in Sibley to celebrate the life of longtime area baseball scout Bob Festervand who passed away of a heart attack March 23. Festervand’s daughter and granddaughter were in attendance to see his ashes spread.

Spotting Bob Festervand at a high school baseball game, cigar clinched securely between his teeth, although never lit, meant the world to the players and coaches lucky enough to brush shoulders with the long-time Texas Rangers scout.

A baseball lifer and beloved father, grandfather and friend, Festervand found his heavenly home on March 23, leaving the baseball scene in northwest Louisiana a touch darker than before. Festervand was a light of hope and opportunity, helping countless players achieve their dreams of playing professional baseball.

His friend of more than two decades and fellow MLB scout for the Colorado Rockies Dave


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