Teens and vaping, a dangerous combination

“We get it. You vape.” While this often-quoted phrase is comical, the problem with teens and vaping is becoming a major problem in the...

My 9/11 story

It seems everyone has their own Sept. 11 story. For some, they remember where they were when the first plane struck the first tower...


O.A. Garland

Harold B. Shaver

Leroy Lee Sr.

Mary Jo Anderson


Storms of life and parental advice

As I watch the many storms that have been forming in the ocean recently, they remind me of the times we have storms in...

Moonshiners and bootleggers

Today’s Echo of Our Past concerns one of the more colorful traditions of the Minden and Webster Parish area, bootlegging or moonshining. Now if...

Don’t make yourself promises you won’t keep

I am reading this book that is really good right now called, “Girl, go wash your face.” One of the quotes in it really...

Minden news, 100 years ago

It is always fun to look back at the old local newspapers to get a glimpse of what life was like in Minden. This...