Beginning Monday, some residents will see City of Minden workers making improvements to their neighborhoods.

Public Works Director George Rolfe said most of the projects will take place during October and November, however, the first project is ready to kick off immediately.

“On Elm Street, from Chandler to East Todd streets, we will be installing a six-inch PVC water main under the sidewalks on the west side of the street,” Rolfe said. “All disturbed areas will be restored.”

Residents on Lewisville Road from West Todd to Lakeshore Drive will see construction on the east side of the highway under the sidewalks. Again, Rolfe said, all disturbed areas will be restored.

On Parkway Street, from Shreveport Road to West Street, construction will occur on the west side of the street, along the edge of the asphalt.

“We will attempt to bore under all driveways to maintain access,” Rolfe said. “The City of Minden will try to minimize any inconvenience and appreciate residents’ cooperation.”



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