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Something has been missing in the community for the past few years, and members of the Minden Ministerial Fellowship believe they know how to fill that gap.

A community service of Thanksgiving is in the works, scheduled for 3 p.m., November 23 at Greater St. Paul Baptist Church, 510 High St. in Minden.

“There are 10 pastors in the community that are involved from all denominations,” Pastor Royal Scott said.

“We will have a cross section of music led by various musicians from other churches. We’re really excited about this.”

Scott said the idea to bring back the community service was spurred by another community service on Good Friday, which is the first one held in the three years since he moved to Minden.

“It was a wonderful service that was held at First United Methodist Church,” Scott said. “There were probably 300 people there, and we’re expecting a good turnout for this one because the churches that participated really want to see this continue.”

Scott said the objective of the service is to bring the community together.

“We as pastors feel as if some of the walls of racism and division that are in our community are going to be broken down, it’s going to have to start in the faith-based community, and it needs to start with the pastors,” he said.

The pastors’ fellowship has been meeting monthly at some of the churches and local restaurants.

“We have fellowship ourselves to help bring this about,” Scott said. “We don’t have the participation of all pastors, but we have a majority of the pastors involved. We encourage all pastors to be a part.”