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Descendant of Gone with the Wind author to be featured on Tour of Homes


The book Gone with the Wind became a major motion picture that instantly became a classic when it premiered in Atlanta in 1939.

During a tour of the Holiday Trail of Lights, the West Tabernacle Community Senior Citizens group will experience a private tour of the home of Frances Irving, a descendant of Margaret Munnerlyn Mitchell, author of the book.



  1. Lynn Warnock Dorsey
    Great story by Michelle Bates featured in the Minden Press Herald today. This is going to be a wonderful new attraction for Webster Parish Tourism. We want to thank Mrs. Frances Irving for working with the tourism office to develop the new "Gone with the Wind" custom tour.
  2. Heidi Swope
    I thank God her "friend" made that comment. I absolutely Love the book..The movie that brought Scarlett and Rhett to life..can't imagine not having this story, Scarlett is my hero! I wish we could of gotten more of Margaret's work. hate to think of stories we missed out on. Thank God this book was published. Scarlett and Rhett is the best love story EVER! Can't imagine my life without Scarlett, her strong independent personality helped make me who I am today. Thankyou Margaret. #SCARLETTSTRONG that's my matto.