Doyline High’s 14 sets of twins

Pictured are the several sets of twins currently attending Doyline High School.

Front row: J.C. and Kenneth Anderson, Clayton and Anna Metz, Eli & Chloe Hodges

2nd row: Kylie and Keily Sumlin, Peyton and Gracie Beavers, Trey & Ivory Ware 3rd row: Steven and Lilyann Bridwell, Dae’Jhun’Nea and Dae’Jhun Feaster, standing Carter and Raelynn Trosclair (Siblings to Metz Twins), and Destiney and Dusty McCray (Standing behind her)

Top Row: Aaliya and Jaliyah Smith, Chris and John Inocenio with Hunter and Peyton Caskey on their shoulders




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