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Oct 02nd

Little leaguers back on the football fields


The Minden Recreation Complex little league football program kicked off its 2011 season last week with a full schedule of games.

2nd and 4th grade games

Cooper Tires Cobras 19, Reagan's Rx Raiders 12

Ken-Darrius Moore led the Cobras with 158 yards and two touchdowns (72 and 30 yards). Trevor McLean added 68 yards and Matthew Harris had seven yards including a two-yard touchdown.

Harrison Sweeney, ShaTardick Batton and Eric Mims led the defense.

De'Audrick Gill scored touchdowns of 50 and 40 yards to lead the Raiders. Gill had a total of 145 yards. Ja'Vonte Morris and Gill both led the team in tackles.

Minden Athletic Little Tiders 35, GB&T Tigers 0

Gregory Douglas led Athletic with 158 yards. He scored touchdowns of 70 and 40-yards and had three PAT runs. Eric Lander scored two touchdowns (75 and 52 yards) and Tre' Abney had a 13-yard score. Chance Mitchell ran for 131 yards.

Carson Parker and Charles Lander each led the team in tackles.

Cabe Ebarb (16 yards) and Timothy McMulen (12 yards) led the GB&T offense, and Slaid Gandy and Carter Butler-Price each led the defense.

Minden Athletic Little Tiders 30, Holiday Inn Express Tigers 0

Aldravion Taylor led the Tiders with 123 yards and two touchdowns (55 and 45-yards). Chance Mitchell had a 40-yard touchdown and Austin Sims scored from 35-yards out. Ja'Dyah Taylor had 30 yards, Tristian Murray had 22 and Jaylen Jackson had a 25-yard touchdown. Caid Thomas added two yards.

Bryan Jackson and Dorrce Eason both led the team in tackles.

D'Angelo Garner (six yards) and Keaton Moore (three yards) led the Tigers' offense. Connor Scarlett and Jyrell McClendon led the team in tackles.

5th and 6th grade games

Patillo Punishers 38, Minden Orthapedic Bone Crushers 6

JaMarious Shine led the Punishers with 130 yards and touchdown runs of 65, 40 and 20-yards. JeCareon Lathan added 50 yards and a four-yard score. Ken'Dereck Charles ran for 42 yards and Hunter Wilkes had a nine-yard touchdown.

Christion Mardis and Dehkobe Debose led the defense, and Mardis added a 12-yard fumble recovery return for a touchdown.

Mickel Maxie led the Bone Crushers with 34 yards. Braeden McLemore had a 12-yard touchdown run and Garren Lipinski added 22 yards. J.C. Brown and Parker Christy had seven yards each.

Jaylon Duty and Abram Anders led the defense in tackles.

Harrington Little Tiders 48, Wimberly Ins. Mohawks 12

TyChristopher Harris led the Tiders with 180 yards including touchdowns of 60, 21, 10 and 10-yards. Nathaniel White added 135 yards and three scores (70, 40 and 25-yards). TyQuan Edwards (38 yards) and Kentrevion Rogers (10 yards) both added yardage. Harris and Alonzo Lister led the defense.

DeCorion Brim led the Mohawks with 145 yards and touchdowns of 80 and 50-yards. Albert Taylor had 16 yards and Cedric Emerson and Chase Mitchell led the team in tackles.

Red Bulls 37, Webster Gravel Warriors 0

DeTaviais Frazier Elkins led the Red Bulls with 128 yards and touchdowns of 42 and 12-yards. Orien Smith had 69 yards and two touchdowns (45 and five-yards) and Marcus Smith had 30 yards and two scores (eight and 10). Zack Morris added 30 yards. Morris and Robert Fuentes led the defense.

Tyrese Myles led the Warriors with 25 yards and Sean Simmons (four yards) and Ty Adams (seven yards) added yards. Adams and David Joseph led the defense.






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