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Oct 02nd

Did you pray today?

The first Thursday of May each year is designated "National Day of Prayer". It is a day to focus on the spiritual needs of our nation and to pray for leaders who make governing decisions that direct the course of our nation. Many believers seem to feel more and more like the New Testament Thessalonian Christians: "Jesus is coming soon; what shall we do?" When we consider the incredible happenings around the world, Matthew 24 and other Biblical prophecies that speak of the 'end times' seem to be lining up as never before.

Perhaps you gathered at First Baptist Church, Minden, or other places of worship, in your home or office, or in the quietness of your "prayer closet" to lift up petitions of prayer. The Bible clearly teaches of the power of prayer when one's heart is right with God...we must we humble ourselves before Him, seek His face, turn from our wicked ways. and ask for forgiveness! We must pray for healing to come upon our personal lives and our nation...God, then, promises: "I will hear from heaven and forgive their sins and bring healing in their land". (2 Chronicles 7: 14-15).

We cannot stop here, just praying this one day! It is right (and needed) for us to pray EVERY DAY for the "healing of our land". When we observe the attacks on our Christian heritage and ancient doctrines of the faith (Ten Commandments and other teachings); when judges and politicians trample over the rights of the unborn, wink at moral issues and revise (at will) the Constitution to suit their pleasure - how can we not interpret the 'climate of the times' as being grave? Why wouldn't this bring everyone to their knees?

Add to the list our educators, law enforcement and fire protection teams, city, state and national elected officials: yes, they all need directed prayers from all God-fearing citizens. With the far-reaching decisions on the board, our President, Cabinet, Congress and Supreme Court should be at the very top of our list. Some think it may be too late for this, but we cannot give up on God at this point. He is still very much alive and willing to hear the prayers of His children and to 'change the direction of history' if it is within the scope of His Divine Will. He has done that in times past. Let's trust Him to do it again.

But we all know we must do our part. We must come with a contrite heart, a broken spirit and a desire to honor Him with our life's devotion. We must turn from our sin, throw ourselves completely into this intercession mode of prayer. Then we will hear from heaven, He will honor our prayers and grant His mercy on us.

Kurt Kaiser, noted Christian composer/musician, penned these simple words in a tune referring to prayer. May this promise be our prayer in these times! "A - is for asking; S - is for seeking; K - is for knocking you see; Three little letters, when connected together, opens God's blessings for me." (Matt 7:7 & Luke 11:9).






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