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Oct 01st

From teacher to preacher


Evangelist unites couple at Meadowview

When Evangelist Mattie Preston united her love of teaching with her talents, she was led down a path of volunteering and uniting others.

Preston officiated Edward and Rebecca Bussie's wedding ceremony at Meadowview Health and Rehab Friday, April 19 as part of her volunteer role at the facility.

"I have been volunteering there singing and preaching Friday nights at seven o'clock, for about eight months," Preston said. "Rebecca would come to the service and would brag about how she learned so much and how the sermons were easy to understand."

Eventually, Rebecca brought Edward to the service and he asked Preston to perform the ceremony.

Preston said she gladly agreed and mentioned she never thought she would officiate a wedding.

"I really had no plans of becoming a minister," Preston said. "I had always enjoyed teaching and thought that was where I was needed."

Preston has been a substitute teacher in Webster Parish for approximately 12 years, in addition to being a bus driver.

"I began to teach the Bible about 10 years ago," she said. "And word got around and some ministers told me that I really should become certified or licensed because I would be more credible if I did that."

Preston said her path to preach was given more direction after attending a family function.

"Originally, when ministering in nursing homes was mentioned to me, I had no interest in it," she said. "I tend to gear my preaching toward younger people or middle-aged people.

"But my sister had a birthday party at the age of 78," Preston continued. "After the birthday party, people told me I sang very well and that I should keep singing and that I sound like an angel."

After receiving the compliments, Preston acknowledged her talent and decided to put it to use.

"I began to think this may be something I ought to do," she said. "If I have a talent, then I should use it for the benefit of somebody.

"That is when I heard that Meadowview was looking for volunteers," Preston continued. "So, I decided I really should do something with the talent that I have. I wanted to sing but being a preacher, too, I decided do both."

Preston believes sharing talent and helping others is something that should be done more often, and she encouraged others to volunteer.

"It is important to me to give my time to help someone else," she said. "That is what we are supposed to do. We are supposed to serve other people."






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