Minden Press-Herald

Sep 19th

Being a Silent Witness

We have heard people say, "I just live my Christian life and let it speak for itself". Others say, "I really don't have a testimony to share". And some may say, "I don't remember when I became a Christian. I just always thought I was one". In New Testament theology, all of these are in violation of Christian discipleship. One thing for sure about being a believer: We cannot be a silent witness and please God!

Remember when Joshua was gearing up to cross into the Promised Land (after Moses had died). He said, "I want you to choose today whom you will serve...Is it the God of your forefathers, or those idols?" Each generation of believers must do the same. Paul and Barnabas were whipped and told never to preach the Word again in the city. But Paul replied, "We cannot keep silent about this marvelous Gospel". We marvel at the boldness of Paul once he experienced the dramatic salvation experience on the Road to Damascus.

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