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Sep 30th

Three-Score and Ten Years (Plus A Few)

criderPsalm 90:10 is a Scripture all "old timers have quoted". We claim it as a promise of growing older. Well, I reached my allotted years a while back and just recently added to the count. We all have friends that have topped the 90 year mark and still climbing. Some even make it to 100! More power to them!

Each day I am reminded how blessed I am. When I read the obits and see many listed as being 'younger than me', I say a prayer of thanksgiving for my good health. At a recent Senior Adult event we were challenged to focus on our "legacy" and what it will mean to our families in the future. It has been most thought provoking project, but one that will be a topic of conversation at family gatherings to come.

As I race back through these "three score and ten years - plus a few", many memories surface --first time I saw Santa; when we first received electricity and a refrigerator; when grandma pulled a long chicken snake out of the hen nest holding tightly to her hand; when the horses 'ran away' pulling my daddy all over the pasture before he could stop them; riding down a hill 'inside an old car tire', rolling over and over until it turned over at the foot of the hill or ran into a tree, riding on the 'flying jenny' and the see-saw. And do you remember trying out a home-made pair of 'tom-walkers'?

As a teenager, there were memorable basketball games, school plays, field labor, busting watermelons in the cotton patch on cool October days, digging sweet potatoes and pulling corn, etc. How can we forget graduation and moving on to college?

In college some memorable events included attending the Baptist Student Union events and how it impacted my life (becoming a Christian & being baptized), dorm life & working in the school cafeteria; attending athletic events, developing meaningful relationships with fellow students and teachers that have spanned a lifetime.

Later in life, special memories centered around teaching youth in school & at church, working with boys in missions education programs; coaching RAs to the state championships in baseball & basketball. Getting married has to rank on the highest point. Sondra, my life-mate, has been the glue that has kept me balanced, settling and 'somewhat' grounded. She is a gift from God for sure! The birth of our son, sharing many blessings of his childhood, watching him grow into a God-fearing young man, and now a proud husband and father; our precious grand daughter who has brought much joy into our lives, etc. Can you see how each of these events provide another layer in building the legacy that we claim?

Each move we made through life produced many friends, and more layers of experiences. Many of us share the same journey in life. Through Biblical study, we learn these directional changes build character and greater dependance on the Lord

Yes, we continue to serve God as we march through life - no matter what year "we ride"we must continue our legacy until God calls us home.

Regardless of our age, the Great Commission challenges us to take the message of Christ around the world. We are part of a legacy team building for the future (bridge builders, nomadic ambassadors for Christ, bold and faithful disciples marching forward into tomorrow). We cannot allow the chronological aspect of life hinder us from serving the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. So whether it is three-score or four-score years we live it is all futile unless we dedicate each day to the Lord. The poet encourages us:Let us "So live that when thy summons come to join the innumerable caravan, which moves to that mysterious realm, where each shall take his chamber in the silent halls of death -- Thou go not, like the quarry-slave at night, scourged to his dungeon, but sustained and soothed by an unfaltering trust, approach thy grave like one who wraps the drapery of his couch about him, and lies down to pleasant dreams.(W C Bryant: Thanatopsis).

Be it 73, 83, or 93 -- it's not how many years you have lived; but it is the living you did in those years that really count. Leave a worthy legacy for your family. This will be a generational treasure for years to come.






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