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Oct 01st

Good Day, Bad Decision

Dear Editor
My name is Courtney Jenkins, and I'm currently incarcerated in Bossier Medium for distributing drugs. I've been a faithful reader for some time now. Well the reason why I'm writing is in regard to the story you wrote on "Breaking Bad Decisions" (Published Friday, Oct. 4, 2013).

Now, just as Walter White, I too use to justify my actions for dealing drugs. By saying I'm doing this to support my family, but that was far from the truth. But in actuality it was just something I fell in love with as long as I was getting away with it.

And just like Walter, I lost my family just as well. I missed out on a lot of precious time with my own son. I know that I will never get back, but I'm in this treatment program now and I'm learning the decisions that we make in life just do not only effect us, but the ones around us also. There are a lot of people that are faced with that same situation that do not know how to break that cycle before they get to that fork in the road.

I really respect the fact that you included yourself too, no exception to making bad decisions. And you are right, who we are is largely attributed to the fair and foul decisions of our parents. I know that I can't change the past, but I'm starting to make better decisions for my family and me.

That article really touched home for me and a lot of your readers, so I just had to share my thanks with you. I feel like you brought the talent of a good journalist out of me. LOL. But I would really like to thank you for shining light on that topic! I feel that just because you made a bad decision in the past, it shouldn't deprive you of making better decisions in the future.

Courtney Jenkins






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