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Oct 01st

The Wisdom of the Earth - God’s Creation

crider-1We've all heard about the "birds and bees", but seldom do we hear stories about the ants and fleas. They are God's creation too! They have assigned places in our world, and they are always busy, just like the birds and bees...and the squirrels. In fact, those squirrels are busy, hiding those nuts for a winter meal. They all put our work ethic to shame! These small creatures are pictures of "high energy and extreme performance", especially this time of year.

The flea is mentioned In 1 Samuel 24:14 & 26:20 by David when he was being hunted down by King Saul. He asked "Why are you hunting "a flea" instead of your real enemy – the Philistines?" Of course, the 'ant' is referred to 'a creature of little strength, but at work storing summer food for winter days. (Proverbs 30:25). Also, Solomon observed the diligence of the cronies (rock badgers), the locust and lizard – they have no king but work together in rank and can be found in high places.

We marvel at other such creations when we see them in action. Are you amazed at the honey bee, humming bird, spider, butterfly, frog and turtle? When God created these, He was 'pleased". (Genesis 1) And we can see why! So, how does it make you feel to know He smiled and said "very pleased" when we were 'created in His own image'? God uses many lessons from nature and His creation to teach us about His eternal love. We are not like the other creations who "play and work by the rules" God has laid out for them. But we kick and buck against all limits He established by which we can live a "full and meaningful life". Perhaps we need to take a break and 'go, observe these little creatures' before they disappear for the winter, and learn some lessons from them!.

As the warnings of winter come, we see these hungry creatures working furiously to get things in place. Soon, the cools of the season will drive them into hibernation and will disappear for a while. But when spring comes and gives them their 'wake up call', the cycle of nature will repeat again as it has from the very beginning. God's timing; God's control; God's wisdom and love at work!

Can we not rise up and praise the Lord with the psalmist? (Psalm 8). "O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth?" You have answered all our questions about life, death and eternity in your Word and in Son, Jesus. Help us to draw closer to You as we observe nature at work this fall! And may we be diligent about obeying Your Word as the tiny creations do!"






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