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Sep 23rd

The Wisdom of the Earth - God’s Creation

crider-1We've all heard about the "birds and bees", but seldom do we hear stories about the ants and fleas. They are God's creation too! They have assigned places in our world, and they are always busy, just like the birds and bees...and the squirrels. In fact, those squirrels are busy, hiding those nuts for a winter meal. They all put our work ethic to shame! These small creatures are pictures of "high energy and extreme performance", especially this time of year.

The flea is mentioned In 1 Samuel 24:14 & 26:20 by David when he was being hunted down by King Saul. He asked "Why are you hunting "a flea" instead of your real enemy – the Philistines?" Of course, the 'ant' is referred to 'a creature of little strength, but at work storing summer food for winter days. (Proverbs 30:25). Also, Solomon observed the diligence of the cronies (rock badgers), the locust and lizard – they have no king but work together in rank and can be found in high places.

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