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Oct 02nd

A Great Thanksgiving

crider-1Everyone loves the Charley Brown holiday stories, be it Thanksgiving or Christmas. The true meaning of the season is revealed through such innocence. Perhaps you have a favorite Thanksgiving story that indicates how special the 'Spirit of Giving' is to you.

As a child, just being out of school for a 'whole-week' was special. (Wonder how many of the teachers actually attended the LTEA Conventions, or did they take a break from it all like the students)? Later, Thanksgiving meant a week-long effort of earning a little spending money by picking cotton for neighbors who want to finish it up soon. Sometimes, there was firewood to cut, split and stack for good winter fires. A good Thanksgiving always included sweet potato, pumpkin, and pecan pies, and a makings of the fruitcake for Christmas (remember it took a month for 'flavors to marry'). Throw in a fat hen and a pan of dressing – Thanksgiving lunch was complete. And then 'it was all over 'till next year.'

November was a time to celebrate birthdays at our house. My grandmother's birthday was November 10 and my Daddy's big day was the 20th. He shared this day with a distant cousin. We were always anxious about this 'joint feast.' The Sunday closest to Nov. 20 was chosen to celebrate the birthdays, which was always close to Thanksgiving. It was like a family reunion each year.

After marriage and the birth of our son, the significance of Thanksgiving was enhanced. Now it all grows stronger and stronger as we enter the final laps of life. Consider reflecting on this writing. May it guide you as you prepare for Thanksgiving!

A Good Thanksgiving

Said old gentleman Gray on a Thanksgiving Day, "If you want a good time, then give something away." So he sent a fat turkey to shoemaker Price. The shoemaker said: "What a big bird! How nice! With such a good dinner before me, I ought to give Widow Lee the small chicken I bought." "This I a fine chicken, oh, see," said the sweet Widow Lee, "And the kindness that sent it –how precious to me! I'll give washwoman Biddy my big pumpkin pie." "Oh, thank you, yes, thank you", Biddy said, "'tis the queen o'all pies! Just to look at its yellow face gladdens my eyes! Now it's my turn. A sweet ginger cake for the motherless Finnigan children I'll bake."

Cried the Finnigan children, Rose, Denny and Hugh: "It smells sweet of spice, and we'll carry a slice to little lame Jake, who has nothing that's nice." "Oh, I thank you and thank you!" said little lame Jake; "What a bootiful, bootiful, bootiful cake! And oh, such a big slice! I'll save all the crumbs, and give them to each little sparrow that comes." And the sparrows, they twittered, as if they would say, like old gentleman Gray: "On a Thanksgiving Day, If you want a good time, then give something away. (Selected)

Take this week ahead and prepare for the "Best Thanksgiving Ever!






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