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Oct 02nd

Taking the Opinion of Others to Heart

It's always a wrenching feeling when I don't meet expectations. I like making people happy, and I love keeping people informed. So I was very disappointed to read Betty Halford's letter to the editor earlier this week:

"Dear Editor:

I was truly disappointed to see that the article 'Honoring Our Heroes' was put on Page Three in the Tuesday November 12 edition of the Minden-Press Herald. Really?

On Veteran's Day did not our veterans deserve a front page article? Instead we see that the school board article about school superintendent positions and an article about the Fasching Parade get front page news.

We also see that the parade for Fasching was during the warm part of the day while our veterans (war heroes) have their parade at 5:00 when it is dark and cold.
Is this 'honoring' our veterans, Minden?

Betty Halford"

As a someone who has written several articles about our veterans, not only on Veterans Day but throughout the year, I was shocked and disturbed that anyone would have a perspective such as Ms. Halford's. However, I was appreciative of Ms. Halford's opinion. By sharing her thoughts with the editor, the news team is better able to gauge the audience and what the community wants to read in our publication.

While her words cut me deeply and personally, they were needed. I believe in listening to criticism with an open mind and making changes where appropriate. I am also appreciative of publisher Josh Beavers. Printing negative criticism about one's own publication speaks volumes of the integrity and high standards held by the Minden Press-Herald.

As a contributor to the paper, I am always interested in the community's perspective and know the Minden Press-Herald employees feel the same way. I would like to encourage readers to continue to do as Ms. Halford and share your concerns criticisms and compliments with us, so that we can better ourselves and our product.

Jeri Bloxom is a contributing writer and columnist to the Minden Press-Herald.






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