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Sep 30th

Smithsonian exhibit makes stop in Minden

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A traveling Smithsonian Institution exhibit has stopped in Minden and is available to the public at Minden City Art Works.

"Minden is one of six cities in the state selected to show the exhibit," said Pattie Odom, Minden Main Street Director. "We were sought out by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, and it is a great privilege to have their support."

According to the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, they partnered with the Smithsonian Institution through its Museum on Main Street program to bring traveling exhibits to rural audiences and small museums that do not have access due to space and cost limitations.

Museum on Main Street attempts to bring rural Americans one-of-a-kind access to prestigious Smithsonian exhibitions and first-rate educational programs.

"We are thrilled to be able to offer this interesting and educational opportunity to local students and families," Odom said. "In addition to the exhibit, we are partnering with Dorcheat Historical Musem and local speakers to make 'The Way We Worked' exhibit unique to our area."

Local speakers will include Carlton Prothro, Cora Lou Robinson and Lonnie Simpson, who will entertain and educate with personal stories and memories of Minden.

Dorcheat Historical Museum will have additional information on past area industries and businesses.

Adapted from an original exhibition developed by the National Archives, "The Way We Worked" explores how work became such a central element in

American culture by tracing the many changes that affected the workforce and work environments over the past 150 years.

The exhibition draws from the archives' rich collections, including historical photographs, archival accounts of workers, film, audio and interactives to tell the compelling story of how work impacts individual lives and the historical and cultural fabric of communities.

Larry Milford, who created displays at Dorcheat Historical Museum and is contracted to create exhibits at Germantown Colony Museum and Visitors' Center, assisted with installing "The Way We Work" exhibit at City Art Works.

"The quality of the displays and information relayed through the art and material is top notch," Milfod said. "This is really 'uptown' - to have such a quality exhibit in our downtown."

Milford said people of all ages and backgrounds will enjoy a visit to City Art Works for the exhibit.

"People in our area know the value of hard work and this exhibit honors those values," he said. "This is a great opportunity for parents to talk to children about those values. Younger people will take away a fond appreciation for the labor that made our country while our mature population will appreciate the exhibit in a nostalgic way."

An official reception for the exhibit will be held Sunday, January 9 with presentations by speakers scheduled for the following Saturdays from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

More information about the program and educational resources can be found at www.museumonmainstreet.org/theWayWeWorked/.






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