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Oct 02nd

Congratulations to Award Recipients

Now that the delicious meal, friendly laughs and moments of reflection of another year gone by are fond memories, we can look back on Tuesday's Chamber of Commerce banquet and cast a smile.

Congratulations to Mike Wise and Pam Bloxom for being named Minden's Man and Woman of the Year. Congratulations to Joyce Carey and her beloved late husband Mr. Richard Carey for being named business persons of the year. Congrats to the good folks from Karen Lewis Cleaning as well as Reynolds Industrial Contracting and MAR-C for earning your accolades. And last but not least, congratulations to Mr. Howard Spillers for being recognized for a lifetime of good works both professionally and civically.

Your dedication and tireless support of this community has not gone unnoticed through the years, and now it's your turn for the community to applaud you for a time, instead of the other way around.

The most obvious similarity between all the award recipients is their love of community. Thing is, we can all love our community. But what separates the people honored last night is they take their love a step further.

They challenge themselves and others to make Minden a better place to have a family. They challenge themselves and others to make Minden a better place to grow old. They challenge themselves and others to make Minden the friendliest and most compassionate community on this Earth.
They get things done in the community. They get things done in their church.

They seek out the jobs that need to be done and they do them. They love their family, friends and jobs.

We should all be so fortunate to be held in such high esteem. And truthfully, there's no reason why all of us can't.

All of us can do more. All of us can do better. All of us can make a difference in the lives of our friends and our community.

And it's not hard.

If you want to help, contact your local chamber of commerce, elected city officials, school board, police jury, library or any worthwhile organization or charity.

Tell them you want to make a difference in the lives of others. They'll be more than happy to oblige. Follow the lead of our award winners.

You'll be glad you did.

Josh Beavers is the publisher of the Minden Press-Herald and a two-time recipient of the Louisiana Press Association's Best Newspaper Columnist Award.






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