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Oct 02nd

Downtown Minden

Juanita Agan-1Down memory lane again as we revisit the businesses that were in place in Minden in the thirties in the area between Union Street and Pine Street.

One business that was a landmark in downtown Minden was Webb Hardware, located on the corner of Union and what we called "Front Street" and is now called Main Street. Later there will be a Cameo on Webb Hardware. I have so many happy memories of that store, of the people who worked there, and of the variety of quality merchandise they handled.

Next would be the store that saw many tenants, but one of these would be the Ellis Variety Store. Many little 5 and 10 cent stores operated back then. Minden had this one, Morgan and Lindsey, and Dixon's Variety Store. Today most merchandise like they handled is in either the drug stores or businesses like WalMart.

And then there was Brown and Goodwill. I loved to shop here, because they carried good lines of clothing and shoes. My mother loved their Nelly Don shirtwaist dresses and I loved their suits and other things such as their shoes. I had, at that time, long and narrow feet and Brown Goodwill could fit me without a trip to Shreveport. All my clothes had been either "hand-me-down" or homemade before I went to work at Andress and I was so happy to be able to select what I wanted. The clerks there were so helpful and the owners were happy to open an account for me.

Across the Alley was the first location of the A & P Store, and the picture that accompanies this article is of that building.

Next were two little areas that housed a number of different businesses. A ladies ready-to-wear was located there, and at one time a massage parlor was in one of the small office type buildings.

On the corner was the location of several different drug stores. One of the first was the larger David Drug Store. They had been on the opposite corner in a much smaller building. Later Boyle drug was located there. Today Jamieson and Wise are located there, a CPA firm.

Across Pearl -Street on the opposite corner was years ago the site of the First National Bank. Notice the decorations on the front of the building. Later in the thirties it was David Drug Store. During later years it was Vivian's Dress Shop. Now it is a beauty shop.

A barbershop, Hardy's Barber Shop, was located next to this in the thirties and later. Since then it has been a bookstore and various other things.

Then Wren Mercantile was there in the thirties and on to about the fifties. It has been a shoe store since then, a bookstore, a gift shop and many other things A Cameo will be printed later about Wren Mercantile.

Next would be E. Henry Lowe's General Merchandise and Grocery store. And then there was Lowe and David.

Across the alley was Crichton Hardware. Later it was Temple Hardware. The Dorcheat Museum was there for a time, and since then it is an antique store, I believe it is called Second Hand Rose.

The next building was Flewellyns, then Scruggs, then The Gentry, and finally the Ratcliffs owned a men's store there. Since then it has been a cafe and later a coffee shop.
Long ago Avinger had a grocery store along here and later Modern Printing Company was located here.

On the corner was a store operated by Mr. Bigby. Later it was Dixon's Variety and now it is a law office.

All these stores have had many different tenants, and I am not sure what is located in all of them today.

Two of these were places where I spent many happy hours - Webb Hardware and Wren Mercantile, I can't go back and visit with Mr. Life, nor George and Inez Lorraine at Webb Hardware, And neither can I visit with one of the nicest gentlemen I have ever met - Mr. G. L.P Wren, nor with Mrs. Wren, Varah or Chloe at Wren's, but I can revisit both places in my memories and relive scenarios of the past. Old ladies often do that, did you know that?

Remember along with me.

Juanita Agan submitted a weekly column to the Press-Herald for more than 15 years until her death in 2008. She was a resident of Minden since 1935. The Press-Herald is republishing select articles from Mrs. Agan's Cameos column every Wednesday.






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