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Oct 01st

Stingrays win meet

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The Minden Tennis & Acquatic Club Stingrays won their meet last Wednesday at the Elks Lodge in Shreveport.

The Stingrays topped the Elks Lodge swim team and The Swim School.

This week, the MTAC Stingrays will will travel to the Southside Pool (2815 Mackey Ln. Shreveport) to participate in the COSST City Meet.

6 & Under Mixed 100 Free Relay: 1st-Hudson Brown, Jackson Mourad, Jaxon Smith, Topher Wilson

8 & Under Girls 100 Medley Relay: 1st-Laci Beth Hough, Allie King, Cameron Smith, Gwenyth Lott and 3rd-Sophie Spillers, Emily Chanler, Monica Smithson, Madelyn Whithead

8 & Under Boys 100 Medley Relay: 2nd-Cameron Dauzat, Preston Pope, Jackson Lott, Reagan Coyle

9-10 Girls 100 Medley Relay: 1st-Embeth Coyle, Claire Waites, Anna Claire Lemoine, Rayne West and 5th-Alex Guin, Ella Floyd, Mary Evelynn King, Madie Vandenoord

9-10 Boys 100 Medley Relay: 2nd-Alex Martin, Jackson McKinney, Colin Campbell, Eli Smithson

11-12 Girls 200 Medley Relay: 2nd-Makayla Booth, Courtney Stanley, Lily Spillers, Madison McCullough and 4th-Avery Dye, Emma Dauzat, Evie Brasher, Elizabeth Stone

11-12 Boys 200 Medley Relay: 1st-Eastland Carrigan, Thomas Parnell, Beau Branch, Carter Barnett

13-14 Girls 200 Medley Relay: 2nd-Baylee Hough, Kayla Booth, Katherine Chumley, Ashton Smith

15-18 Girls 200 Medley Relay: 1st-Kaylee Lindsay, Amanda McLemore, Ireland Carrigan, Heather Stahl

15-18 Boys 200 Medley Relay: 1st-Lawton O'Brien, Thomas Booth, Jacob Booth, Braeden McLemore

6 & Under Girls 25 Free: 6th-Isabel Sifuenttez

6 & Under Boys 25 Free: 1st-Jaxon Smith, 3rd-Hudson Brown and 4th- Jackson Mourad

8 & Under Girls 25 Free: 1st-Cameron Smith, 3rd-Madelyn Whitehead, 4th-Allie King and 5th-Gwenyth Lott

8 & Under Boys 25 Free: 5th-Reagan Coyle

9-10 Girls 50 Free: 2nd-Rayne West, 3rd-Alex Guin and 6th-Ella Floyd

9-10 Boys 50 Free: 1st-Carter Barnett, 4th-Alex Martin and 5th-Colin Campbell

11-12 Girls 50 Free: 2nd-Makayla Booth and 3rd-Evie Brasher

11-12 Boys 50 Free: 1st-Beau Branch

13-14 Girls 50 Free: 1st-Ireland Carrigan, 3rd-Ashton Smith, 4th-Kayla Booth and 5th-Katherine Chumley

13-14 Boys 50 Free: 2nd-Lawton O'Brien

15-18 Girls 50 Free: 1st-Kaylee Lindsay

15-18 Boys 50 Free: 2nd-Thomas Booth

9-10 Girls 100 IM: 1st-Anna Claire Lemoine, 2nd-Embeth Coyle and 3rd-Claire Waites

9-10 Boys 100 IM: 1st-Carter Barnett

11-12 Girls 100 IM: 2nd-Lily Spillers

11-12 Boys 100 IM: 1st-Beau Branch

13-14 Boys 100 IM: 4th-Braeden McLemore

15-18 Girls 100 IM: 1st-Kaylee Lindsay

15-18 Boys 100 IM: 1st-Jacob Booth

6 & Under Boys 25 Back: 2nd-Jaxon Smith, 4th tie-Topher Wilson and Jackson Mourad and 6th-Hudson Brown

8 & Under Girls 25 Back: 3rd-Cameron Smith and 4th-Madelyn Whithead

8 & Under Boys 25 Back: 1st-Jackson Lott

9-10 Girls 50 Back: 2nd-Rayne West and 4th-Embeth Coyle

9-10 Boys 50 Back: 2nd-Alex Martin and 5th-Eli Smithson

11-12 Girls 50 Back: 2nd-Lily Spillers and 3rd-Makayla Booth and 6th-Courtney Stanely

11-12 Boys 50 Back: 2nd-Thomas Parnell

13-14 Girls 50 Back: 1st-Ashton Smith

13-14 Boys 50 Back: 1st-Braeden McLemore and 2nd-Lawton O'Brien

15-18 Girls 50 Back: 1st-Amanda McLemore

15-18 Boys 50 Back: 3rd-Jacob Booth

8 & Under Girls 50 Free: 1st-Laci Beth Hough, 2nd-Sophie Spillers and 3rd-Gwenyth Lott

8 & Under Boys 50 Free: 3rd-Reagan Coyle

9-10 Girls 100 Free: 4th-Alex Guin and 6th-Ella Floyd

9-10 Boys 100 Free: Colin Campbell and Jackson McKinney

11-12 Girls 100 Free: 4th-Makayla Booth, 5th- Avery Dye and 6th-Madison McCullough

11-12 Boys 100 Free: 1st-Thomas Parnell

13-14 Girls 100 Free: 4th-Ashton Smith, 5th-Kayla Booth and 6th-Katherine Chumley

13-14 Boys 100 Free: 3rd-Lawton O'Brien and 4th-Coleson Shaw

15-18 Girls 100 Free: 4th-Amanda McLemore

15-18 Boys 100 Free: 1st-Thomas Booth

8 & Under Girls 25 Butterfly: 1st-Cameron Smith, 2nd-Laci Beth Hough, 3rd-Allie King and 4th-Sophie Spillers

8 & Under Boys 25 Butterfly: 2nd-Jackson Lott and 3rd-Reagan Coyle

9-10 Girls 50 Butterfly: Anna Claire Lemoine, Embeth Coyle, Mary Evelynn King and Alex Guin

9-10 Boys 50 Butterfly: 2nd-Carter Barnett

11-12 Girls 50 Butterfly: 4th-Lily Spillers

11-12 Boys 50 Butterfly: 1st-Beau Branch

13-14 Girls 50 Butterfly: 1st-Ireland Carrigan

13-14 Boys 50 Butterfly: 2nd-Braeden McLemore

15-18 Girls 50 Butterfly: 1st-Kaylee Lindsay

8 & Under Girls 25 Breast: 1st-Laci Beth Hough, 2nd-Monica Smithson and 3rd-Emily Chanler

8 & Under Boys 25 Breast: 3rd-Cameron Dauzat, 4th-Parker Davidson and 5th-Jordan McGuire

9-10 Girls 50 Breast: 1st-Claire Waites and 5th-Anna Claire Lemoine

11-12 Girls 50 Breast: 2nd-Courtney Stanley

11-12 Boys 50 Breast: 1st-Thomas Parnell and 4th-Eastland Carrigan

13-14 Girls 50 Breast: 1st-Ireland Carrigan and 5th-Kayla Booth

13-14 Boys 50 Breast: 6th-Coleson Shaw

15-18 Girls 50 Breast: 1st-Amanda McLemore

15-18 Boys 50 Breast: 1st-Thomas Booth and 2nd-Jacob Booth

8 & Under Girls 100 Free Relay: 1st-Laci Beth Hough, Sophie Spillers, Allie King, Cameron Smith; 2nd-Gwenyth Lott, Emily Chanler, Monica Smithson, Madelyn Whitehead and 7th-Ava Woods, Caroline Thurman, Lexi Bradley, Piper West

8 & Under Boys 100 Free Relay: 3rd-Jackson Lott, Cameron Dauzat, Reagan Coyle, Jaxon Smith; 5th-Preston Pope, Jordan McGuire, Parker Davidson, Jackson Speer and 7th-Copeland Cupples, Grant Harrington, Aaronlane Garza, Connor Williams

9-10 Girls 100 Free Relay: 2nd-Rayne West, Embeth Coyle, Claire Waites, Anna Claire Lemoine

9-10 Boys 100 Free Relay: 1st-Eli Smithson, Colin Campbell, Alex Martin, Jackson McKinney

11-12 Girls 200 Free Relay: 2nd-Evie Brasher, Madison McCullough, Courtney Stanley, Makayla Booth and 4th-Lily Spillers, Emma Duazat, Elizabeth Stone, Avery Dye

11-12 Boys 200 Free Relay: 2nd-Thomas Parnell, Beau Branch, Carter Barnett, Eastland Carrigan

13-14 Girls 200 Free Relay: 2nd-Baylee Hough, Kayla Booth, Katherine Chumley, Ashton Smith

15-18 Girls 200 Free Relay: 1st-Heather Stahl, Kaylee Lindsay, Amanda McLemore, Ireland Carrigan

15-18 Boys 200 Free Relay: 2nd-Thomas Booth, Jacob Booth, Lawton O'Brien, Braeden McLemore






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