Letter to the Editor: Schuyler Marvin should be re-elected district attorney

The purpose of this letter is to introduce you to the real Schuyler Marvin. Most of you, of course, know him.
Schuyler is one of the most honest, caring and dependable people you could ever hope to meet. He is a wonderful family man and a dedicated Christian who is very involved in his church.

Schuyler is also a fantastic district attorney, and we are extremely lucky to have him. He runs on his own merit and he cares about our people and keeping a very safe community. He needs to be re-elected on his proven record.

Many people do not know how Schuyler has helped people turn their lives around. He really cares about the victims, and he also cares about some people who have committed crimes. He tries his best to straighten them out and to also help them to become better people.

Schuyler also has victim advocates in his office because of his concern for the victims’ input in their cases.

I would like to conclude with words from a family of one of Schuyler’s victims. This tells you exactly the kind of person he is and why it is so important to vote for him.

“Schuyler Marvin prosecuted our case in June 2014: State vs. Leland Warmack. We could not be more pleased with the way our case was handled and the verdict that was reached. Mr. Marvin spent time preparing us for the trial and was there to answer every question we had and reassure us when we needed that. The compassion he showed to us, especially to our young victim, was overwhelming! In her own words, she said, ‘He made me feel comfortable and not scared to testify. He even had tears in his eyes when he talked to me.’ Finding out Mr. Marvin would be prosecuting our case was a ‘Godsend’ for us. The Stewart/Warmack family will be forever grateful for a job well done!! Please help us re-elect Schuyler Marvin D.A.!”

After reading this family’s words, I cannot imagine anyone not realizing how important it is to keep our DA, so please, please go vote!

Cora Lou Robinson



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