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M6 destruction now complete at Camp Minden

Explosive Service International Vice President Jason Poe shows a tray of 880 pounds of M6 propellant awaiting a cover before it is loaded onto a truck to be transported to the contained burn chamber at Camp Minden. Behind Poe, a truck with a covered tray awaits transport to the chamber.

CAMP MINDEN — As of Wednesday afternoon, Explosive Service International has burned the very last tray of M6 propellant at Camp Minden, but they aren’t done yet.

ESI Vice President Jason Poe said although they’ve addressed the dangerous part of the job, there are many other aspects that must be completed before they complete the contract. They are moving out of the emergency response mode and into the cleanup phase, he said.

Adjutant General Maj. Glenn H. Curtis watches as preparations are made for the contained burn chamber to turn


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