Maraist, ClayClay Maraist, MD believes his patients are an extension of the medical team and encourages them to actively participate in their care. Marasist says he is looking forward to meeting the obstetrics and gynecological needs of women at all stages of their lives and believes there is nothing more fulfilling than delivering babies into the world.

“Approachable” is the one word he uses to describe himself. Dr. Maraist takes medicine and the care of his patients very seriously but also finds time to blend in his humorous personality.

Dr. Maraist



  1. Dr. Maraist could not have completed medical school at University Health. There is no such medical school. He completed medical training at L SU School of Medicine in Shreveport. University Health is not affilated with LSU School of Medicine which is part of the LSU system. University Health is not.

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