There are 323 businesses, churches and other public and privately owned buildings in the city that are checked every day by Minden police patrol units, and officers want to be sure they know who to contact in case of emergency.

[pull_quote_center]“To help us serve the community even more effectively, we’re updating our data base with information on the city which is critical to us,” Minden Chief of Police Steve Cropper said. “We maintain a contact list in case of emergency, and we want that list to be current.”[/pull_quote_center]

Cropper said the last collection of contact persons and phone numbers was compiled four years ago.
“There may have been changes in management or ownership over the past four years and that’s why we’re updating our system,” Cropper said. “We need this list of persons to contact in case an emergency arises while the location is closed.”

Copper said the forms were hand-delivered to everyone on the department’s contact list the last time information was compiled. This time, he’s trying a different approach.

“ (Officer First Class) Chris Hammontree personally delivered the forms when we first prepared the emergency contact list. This time, we’re hoping a large number of those whose information we need will clip the form in the newspaper and return it to us. We’ll match those we receive to the information we have in our data base and deliver the form to those we do not hear from,” the chief said.

“The information we have in these forms will help us better protect and serve the people and businesses of Minden,” Cropper said.

Editor’s note: A copy of the information form is shown below. Individuals are asked to complete the form and return it to the police department, located at the rear of the Minden Civic Center, or mail to 520 Broadway Street, Minden, LA, 71055. If a building owner or business manager has questions, please call the police department’s non-emergency number, 371-4226.




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