My opinion on Ebola

Mr. Bill O’Riley brought out some very pertinent points in his article about Ebola and what should be done about this disease in the U.S.A. I happen to agree that we should isolate those countries in Africa that are affected by Ebola.

One map I saw showed how this disease has spread. According to this map Ebola is most widespread in three African countries. Those three countries have the most people with Ebola and the most deaths from Ebola. There has been one case of Ebola in Spain and three in the U.S.A., none in Europe, none in Asia. Why do we here in the U.S.A. have to be exposed to such a deadly disease? Why can’t we close our borders to ANYONE traveling from those affected African countries? Mexico and Belize both refused for a cruise ship to dock and disembark passengers because one of the passengers has Ebola.

Now we are sending our reservists to those affected African countries to fight a disease. Those guys were trained to fight an enemy they can see, an enemy that shoots at them, an enemy they can shoot back at. They are not trained to fight a germ. In fact we have strived since WWI to eradicate germ warfare. Don’t send our troops into a germ infested area, keep them at home to guard our borders from people infected with Ebola.

President Obama advocates in his weekly address that we have to lead the fight in eradicating Ebola. I say “nonsense” (actually I said something very much harsher but didn’t want to publish those words). Is this a conspiracy to further weaken our nation by sending troops into a region where they can’t even fight back against an unseen enemy? I think so. What do you think?

I have written letters to the President before to express my opinions and I have gotten responses from the White House. Seldom have those responses agreed with my opinions but, at least, they knew how I felt. So, I am writing another letter to Mr. Obama. This one telling him how wrong I think he is about the Ebola virus and what should be done about it. Maybe if we flooded the White House with letters expressing our views we could change Mr. Obama’s mind, maybe not. But, at least, he would know how we feel. Might I suggest that you too take the time to write to the President and tell him that you don’t agree that our troops should be sent into a germ infected area to fight an unseen enemy. Tell him that you don’t want our borders open for the free passage of people from those infected regions. That you want our borders closed to travelers from those affected areas. One letter will not make a difference but a flood of letters can make a difference and can affect a change. Sitting in our comfy chairs and complaining to each other isn’t going to accomplish anything except to make the air warmer. Write a letter and complain to the one who can make a difference.

By the way, that address is: The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20500

Or, one can go online at and complete the online form to submit comments. Be sure to address your comments to President Obama.

Glenn Taylor
1915 Jack Martin Road