Sam Mims

He’s outspoken. He stands up for what he believes is right, and he is a man of God.

Sam Mims makes no bones about being outspoken. He believes in “telling it like it is.”

Mims recalls a time when he knew racism, even calling himself a racist at one time. Today, he says Minden has made progress, but more could be done.

Mims says the right to vote is very important to him because he remembers what it took to get that right.

“A lot of people died – black and white – for us black people to have the right to vote and



  1. I love this story and I love Sam Mims. Michelle, you did a great job ‘telling his story.’ I have come to know Sam and his heart these past couple of years and I am so proud to call him my friend. He has inspired me and now inspires others as he fights the very Army he served in stopping the Open Burn at Camp Minden. Thank you Sam Mims!

  2. I met you summer of 2013 with Mrs. Williams summer camp and you were our speaker in which I enjoyed. Continue letting God strengthen you as a leader. Be blessed!

  3. AWESOME story. I met Col. Mims with the Stop the Burn group. He is a REAL person as in the story of the Velveteen Rabbit. He is truely one of God’s gifts to us all. Through him there is no race only love!!!!

  4. I’ve liked you ever since I stepped on the campus of Webster Junior High to try to teach. You have always shown me that you care, and not many people do that. I would never wish to go back to the early 60s (I was a youngster then), but I sure wish that I would have been old enough to go on a freedom ride with you, all the way to Birmingham to spit on Bull Connor with you.

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