SPRINGHILL – Springhill Police arrested a woman for allegedy driving while intoxicated after she was seen coming out of McDonalds, turning up a bottle of what appeared to be an alcoholic beverage.

According to reports, Officer Franklin Evans and Sgt. Leon Thirdgill responded to a dispatch regarding a white Camaro leaving McDonalds.

The vehicle was located at R&B’s Carwash in Springhill, and they made contact with the driver, identified as 30-year-old Chaslee Nichole Duck, of the 900 block of 1st Street SE Street. Police say she had a bottle with a long neck in her arms, and a field sobriety test was conducted.

She performed poorly on the field sobriety test, police say, and she was placed under arrest for driving while intoxicated. A search of the vehicle revealed approximately four grams of suspected marijuana in a brown and white striped bag, and another bottle of suspected liquor in the back seat.

She was arrested for the additional offenses of possession of Schedule I CDS (marijuana) and open container.

She was transported to police headquarters where she reportedly submitted to a breath test. Police say her sample returned a blood alcohol content level of .147 percent.
Bond was set at $2,909.


  1. Well she isn’t too mad …and I’m just curious why does the article read ‘suspected’ alcoholic beverage..when ALL alcoholic beverages are labeled by law. But yet they specifically name with confidence Marijuana packaged in a nonlabeled brown and. White dope baggie..haha…boy these people now days are schemers…..just say what you wanted to say in the first place. .I guess the article wouldn’t be much of a read merely speaking of the girl turning up the bottle in the drivethru …nope had to make it juicy ..good for press…this my fellow Americans is a prime example of being :RAILROADED. …her shirt should say☆ Hero☆ not aero.》》

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