Newspapers — even this one ­­— need to remember their journalistic roots

A colleague of mine lamented the fact that the term “fake news” didn’t exist prior to this past presidential election. Now it...

Losing population affecting more rural Louisiana towns

Mark Ballard of The Advocate is sounding an alarm, and we join him in the effort. In his column Sunday, Ballard addresses...


Viola Walker

Billie B. Sanders

Kevin F. Jackson


Valentine’s Day is not just about gifts

Valentine Day is upon us and what are you doing for your sweetheart?  I always try to think ahead of the game...

The news as reported in the Webster Tribune

This week’s Echo will take us back more than a century and a quarter as we examine some of the interesting events...

Raising kids not for faint of heart

I have something that I feel I need to speak my opinion on.  I have been seeing this more and more and...

Turnover in city government not new

The Minden city elections of 2018 saw one of the biggest turnovers in city government in our history. Out of the office...