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Christmas Mice

by Minden Press-Herald

Before you read this week’s recipe, I want you to know about my dear, special niece Karen Maxfield.

Karen’s husband, Jay, passed away three years ago after a lengthy struggle with leukimia. Karen diligently devoted herself to him as a supportive caregiver. It was indeed a difficult time emotionally, physically and financially.

Karen and Jay lived on a large acreage (I think about 25 or more acres) and enjoyed a full and happy life. Jay had a successful plumbing business which Karen helped with by taking care of the books. At the same time she transcriped for lawyers, doctors and the military. Also being a certified rehabilitator of feral animals involved taking care of rescued sick and/or injured undomesticated animals. She actively cared for them and once healed would release them back into their natural habitat. She did and still does this at her own expense. She temporarily gave all this up while caring for Jay.

Karen still maintains their acreage and home and is transcriping again. Besides all this, she manages to raise all kind of flowers, trees and her favorite, a prospering rose garden. In the summer she raises a productive vegetable garden and in the winter she takes pieces of stained glass and, using a kiln, turns them into beautiful pendants and earrings which she sells for a profit. Most recently she has taken on a job with a cruise line scheduling clients’ plans and activities. She is able to do all these things from her home.

After all this she teaches a Sunday school class. She has lots of friends and an active social life. She has a bubbly personality, a positive attitude and a fun-filled sense of humor. Everyone that knows Karen admires and loves her.

Last year and again this year, she took time from her busy schedule and created a book of recipes, remedies and food crafts. She sold and donated the money to her church’s Christmas mission project. It was so successful this year, it sold out and required a second printing. This week’s KEEPER recipe is taken from last year’s book (I don’t have the new one YET.)


Chocolate chips or chocolate bark
Maraschino cherries with stems, well drained
Chocolate Oreos
Hershey Kisses
Glass of hot water
Sliced almonds
*Cake icing in a tube
*Cake sprinkles

Melt the chocolate in the microwave (follow directions on the package.) Holding the cherries by the stem, dip into the hot chocolate. Place the dipped cherry on top of a halved Oreo. Hold the bottom of the Hershey Kiss against the glass of hot water to melt it enough that it will attach to the chocolate covered cherry (see picture) forming the head. While the Chocolate Kiss is still warm, attach the sliced almonds for ears. Use a pinch of cherry for the nose. To make the eyes Karen used icing in a tube and a black sprinkle for the center of the eye (*she said these items are available in the cake bakery grocery isle.)

chocolate miceGood news! Karen now has a “fella” (Steve) and this month they become engaged.
Praying the celebration of our Savior’s birth brings hope, joy and peace on earth.

Merry Christmas Ya’ll

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