Contractor jailed for not paying subs

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Juliuna Anderson

Mark Allen Roberts, 34, of 500 block of Piermont Road in Shreveport was arrested by the Webster Parish Sheriff’s Office for Contractor Fraud by Misappropriation of Payments. 

Roberts is the owner of the company, Ifab Industrial. He came to Webster Parish and leased a plot of land. Roberts contracted with companies in Webster Parish to do pipeline work then subcontracted the work to smaller companies. One of the smaller companies was a coating and inspection service. They began work with an agreement of about $184,000 in payment. Roberts only paid the company about $80,000. 

Through the investigation the Sheriff’s Department learned Roberts had been paid by the original company that signed the contract with Ifab. He signed an affidavit with that company stating that all bills had been paid which was not true.

Roberts also subcontracted an electrical company for work. That company is still owed approximately $15,000. Ifab also never fully paid their lease to the land they leased in Webster Parish. 

Lieutenant Detective Scott Tucker said they are still hearing from other companies who also didn’t get paid.

“These are local small companies who thought they were getting the jobs. They have employees, they have bills to pay,” Tucker said. 

After consulting with the District Attorney’s Office, Roberts was charged and turned himself in on January 3. Roberts is now out on bond. 

WPSO searching for ‘Big Smoke”

Ladrins Curry, 30, with the last known address in the 1400 block of Pearl Street in Homer, Louisiana, is wanted by the Webster Parish Sheriff’s office. 

Curry was working for a local company specializing in oil field work and obtained one of the company’s fuel cards. He sold over $30,000 worth of fuel at local truck stops using the company’s fuel card. The Webster Parish Sheriff’s Office obtained video evidence of Curry selling the fuel. 

“We believe now that he may be in the trucking industry driving a truck,” Lieutenant Detective Scott Tucker said. 

Curry is wanted and uses the alias Big Smoke. 

“Anyone that has information on him, we’re interested in,” Tucker said. 


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