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Election is about more than Minden utility rates

With a mere 10 days remaining before folks in Minden head to the polls, one issue has emerged as the top concern of voters. It is no surprise that utility rates are a recurring topic among candidates and voters alike.

Voters need to understand there is no “magic bullet” to fix this problem. We can complain about it. We can ask questions about it. We can even establish Facebook groups about it. The simple answer to this complicated problem may just be, “There is no answer.”

The City of Minden entered what appears to be (thus far) an iron-clad agreement which lasts through the year 2028. While the city has diligently worked toward a resolution with AEP/SWEPCO, going so far as to file a legal complaint with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, things are just not falling in our favor thus far.

The retirement of Mayor Tommy Davis, along with council members Mike Toland, Fayrine Kennon-Gilbert, and Bennie Gray, coupled with contested races in the remaining districts, next year’s city leadership will look considerably different that it does now.

If the utility issue is as iron-clad as it appears, there isn’t much the next mayor and council can do about it. Voters need to keep that in mind.

Minden is not a “one issue” city, and it should not have leadership elected based on a single issue. During the Greater Minden Chamber’s recent Political Forum, along with candidate profiles in the Minden Press-Herald, voters were given plenty of information about all the candidates, and the issues they see as important to the city.

Did you pay attention?

To move our city forward, we have to address many things. The current leadership has done an admirable job dealing with the issues they have been presented. Our city is stable and ready for growth.

Over the next 10 days, voters should review the information that is readily available about the candidates. Then, a large turnout would mandate the will of the people in all races.

Once every four years, the ball is in our court to do what is right for Minden. Don’t waste it.

David Specht Jr. is editor and publisher of the Minden Press-Herald.