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Hurricanes pick up two wins, Thunder down Homer Pelicans

It was an action-packed weekend of hoops at the Minden Rec. Center. Here are the results.

7-8 girls

Dazzlers 22, Lady Demons 15

Keily Sumlin led the Dazzlers with 17 points, followed by Dakota Howard and Leigha Kennon with 2 points each. Kanajah Robinson added 1 point.

Samora Dampson had 11 for the Lady Demons and Kierra Hanson finished with 4 points.

7-8 boys

Hurricanes 22, Heat 15

Peyton Houston had 17 points to lead the Hurricanes, followed by Cameryn Davis with 5 points.
Ty’marion Erving had 7 points, Keegan Kennon added 6 points and Jakaiden Todd finished with 2 points.

Raptors 26, Heat 6

Jaiden Franklin had 10 points for the Raptors, Kameron Harris added 9 and Kyeron Harris scored 7 points.
Jakayden Gill had 4 points for the Heat and Ty’Marion Erving added 2.

Hurricanes 24, Bulls 17

Peyton Houston scored 18 points to lead the ‘Canes and Cameryn Davis finished with 4. Tyler Titus pitched in 2 points.
Elijah Allen had 10 for the Bulls, Tashondrick Moore added 5 and Tyson Crew scored 2 points.

9-10 boys

Thunder 27, Tarheels 22

Maurice Rabb scored 14 and Anfernee Sterling finished with 13 to lead the Thunder to victory.

The Tarheels were led by Jekoye Knowles with 8 points, followed by Jarvis Davis with 7 points and Darnell Morris with 3
points. Willie Jenkins and Jamison Couch each added 2 points.

Bulls 41, Sharp Shooters 17

Cameron Mitchell scored 16 points to lead the Bulls, followed by Damarion Clark with 10 points. Omarion Shyne scored 7 points, Caylien Aubrey added 4 points and Keidrick Clark and Dexter Shyne added 2 a piece.

Sharp Shooters were led by TJ Grider with 11 points, followed by Jacobe Rankin, Bryson Ranger and Hayden Watkins with two points each.

11-12 boys

Bulls 51, Heat 8

Mi’Jai Batton led the Bulls with 17 points, followed by Deonte Jackson with 13. Maiaki Thomas had 6 points, Omarion Corley had 3 and Xavier Butler, Cameron Mitchell and Dexter Shyne all had 2 points.
Heat were led by Jakobe Jackson with 4 points, followed by John Perkins and Damajae Harris with 2.

Thunder 63, Homer Pelicans 50

Nathan Ben and Eddie Markray each dropped 22 points to lead the Thunder to victory. Kevin Gill Jr. pitched in with 9 points, followed by Ty’Darrium Green with 8 points and Stafford Bailey with 2 points.

The Homer Pelicans were led by Ta’Keviuntae Kidd with 25 points, followed by Berman Hamilton Jr. with 15 points, Otis Ford added 7 and Orlando Williams scored 2 points.