Jake Paul Got Injured After Stealing Floyd Mayweather Hat!

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Jake paul injured after fight with floyd mayweather. We all know the big fight between logan paul and floyd mayweather is happening but somehow logan wasn’t the one that ended up getting floyd mayweather mad after the first face-to-face press conference between logan floyd.

Floyd was finishing up a few interviews –

“i feel good and i’m gonna go out there and perform and do what i do best well you really want to take them both on the same night absolutely easy, you got two fake fighters, fake fight, i’m a real fighter”

There was some friendly banter between the two fighters but then jake paul came up to floyd mayweather and stole his hat and although this seems like a harmless joke, floyd mayweather really didn’t like that jake paul did that things went berserk from there.

Floyd mayweather and his 30 bodyguards jumped jake paul leaving him injured the fight lasted for a couple minutes before jake paul and his team managed to get away from the bodyguards. Even after they got away floyd mayweather was still pressed about the situation. He was even yelling some pretty dangerous threats. Jake paul went on tick tock after the fight showing off some of his battle wounds with flame mayweather and his team about to steal floyd mayweather’s hat.

It went good it seems like floyd and his bodyguards actually got a good few hits on jake paul. He can be seen with a cut by his eye and also maybe even some loose teeth. Jake paul went on twitter saying honestly i’ve had three easy fights as a pro so been itching for some real action one of floyd’s 30 bodyguards got a clean shot on me in the eye.

Respect it’s clear that jake paul isn’t as upset as floyd mayweather about the situation and was able to laugh it off jake also tweeted the reason he stole floyd mayweather’s hat in the first place he tweeted i stole his hat because he
steals people’s money with his boring fights. Obviously this is another joke from jake paul the real reason he stole floyd’s hat and got into the fight in the first place is to gain more attention around the floyd versus logan paul fight and eventually the floyd mayweather vs jake paul fight that will happen. Many great fighters have tried to get under floyd may with his skin and have failed but it seems like jake paul was able to do so by simply stealing his hat and making fun of his hairline though this fight definitely was not supposed to happen at the press conference.

It happened and it was pretty entertaining to watch. I think it’s safe to say that the logan paul versus floyd mayweather fight. just got a little bit juicier honestly if i were logan paul i would be very upset with my brother jake paul because floyd mayweather looks like he has got a chip on his shoulder now after logan’s younger brother jake paul scored a knockout victory over mma fighter ben askren in their april 17 fight organized by triller. Boxing fans and youtube fans alike are now even more interested to see whether logan will be able to get a similar victory against floyd on may 5th logan announced via instagram that the two fighters would finally be meeting in person at a press conference which has got many fans geared up to see.

What will unfold at the event and we all know how the press conference ended the unlikely pairing is proving to be a key point of interest for millions though not everybody is convinced it’s an equal match youtuber ksi who fought logan both 2018 and 2019 dubbed the upcoming event the most pointless fight and predicted that mayweather would win but whether this prediction will come true remains to be seen fans hope that this conference will offer an insight into the mindset of both fighters and give a glimpse into how they’re preparing for the fight behind the scenes but it ended up being completely different somehow jake paul stole.



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