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LA Tech student saves lives in campus attack

by Amber McDown

In a harrowing incident at Louisiana Tech University’s Lambright Sports and Wellness Center on Monday, local resident and LA Tech student Colin Campbell demonstrated quick thinking and courage by swiftly transporting two injured women to the hospital.

His father, Tracy Campbell of Minden, reported getting a message from Colin saying, “Dad, there’s been an attack on campus. I’m at the hospital, and I need y’all to come quick.”

The event unfolded shortly after 9 AM when reports of a stabbing incident surfaced at the campus facility. Colin, en route to his dorm, witnessed people fleeing the Lambright Center in distress. Sensing the urgency, he halted his vehicle and discovered two women with stab wounds, one in the throat. Without hesitation, Colin assisted them into his vehicle and drove them to the hospital, maintaining communication with emergency services throughout the transit.

Colin’s rapid response drew praise from Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), who noted that he surpassed the speed of an ambulance. Another student transported a third victim, contributing to the swift medical attention required.

Tech police swiftly intervened, receiving a call at approximately 9:08 AM and apprehending the suspect, identified as Louisiana Tech student Jacoby Johnson, by 9:12 AM. The attack occurred outside the Lambright Center as victims were exiting. Johnson fled toward the main campus but was apprehended without incident by campus police.

The motive behind the attack appears to be random, as authorities investigate the incident. Johnson, currently receiving treatment at Northern Louisiana Medical Center for injuries sustained during the initial altercation, faces legal repercussions. Ruston Police Department and the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office collaborated on scene control and evidence collection.

Four victims were identified, two of which were transported to a local hospital, one was airlifted to Shreveport, and another declined treatment. Unfortunately, Annie Richardson, the graduate student who was airlifted, died as a result of her wounds. The other three victims were not students.

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