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Letter to the Editor – 2023 Veto Session

by Minden Press-Herald

Louisiana politicians believe that many voters have short memories, a fact which some candidates for public office count on. However, We the People can turn the tables on the memory issue since the 2023 Veto Session will occur several weeks before election qualifying which is August 8-10.

Although Louisiana is one of the more highly conservative southern states, conservative patriots have been subjected to the less than ideal governorship of a highly partisan Democrat, namely John Bel Edwards. 

So, is it any surprise that 27 of the 28 bills that Edwards vetoed or line item vetoed in 2023 were Republican introduced measures? Only one Democrat sponsored bill was vetoed in the 2023 session. 

Edwards seems to dislike Republicans, conservatives and conservatism. He champions causes and supports legislation that benefits criminals and favors confused individuals. Hence, the vetoing of several controversial measures that will hopefully be overridden by what is easily a two-thirds Republican majority in both houses.

A trojan horse force that could derail conservatives’ override efforts is the Louisiana Republican Fraud Squad (https://www.conservapedia.com/Louisiana_Republican_Fraud_Squad), a group of moderate politicians, most registered as Republicans (claiming to be conservatives) who have performed as RINOs by oftentimes voting for proposed legislation pushed by liberal Democrats.

Edwards banks on conservative traitors to enact liberal measures. Some current Republican representatives are term limited, while others may soon be eyeing other positions. Others may be seeking re-election.  It is crucial that conservative electors remember who the RINOs are by closely watching their voting records in the veto override session. 

If you cherish what’s good about Louisiana, but dislike the political climate and liberal (progressive) laws that imperil the good life, do something positive about it. Vote for truly conservative legislators and reject debilitating, liberal ideology. Do it for our children and future generations of patriots.

Respectfully Submitted

Victor L. Buccola

Destrehan, La

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