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Secretary Landry Warns Voters of Misleading Mailers

by Minden Press-Herald

Louisiana Secretary of State Nancy Landry issued a warning to voters about mailers distributed by a third-party group called “The Voter Participation Center.” These mailers, which have been circulating, suggest that individuals at the recipient’s address may not be registered to vote. They include a voter registration form with pre-filled information, which may sometimes contain incorrect or misleading details.


In a statement from Baton Rouge, Secretary Landry emphasized that these mailers are not official correspondence from the Louisiana Secretary of State or parish Registrars of Voters. Furthermore, receiving them does not indicate any change in a voter’s registration status.

To address concerns or questions regarding voter registration, Secretary Landry urges all Louisianans to take proactive steps. They can visit geauxvote.com, download the free Geaux Vote mobile app, or contact their parish Registrar of Voters directly. These channels provide reliable information and assistance for updating voter registration details.

As the state prepares for upcoming elections, ensuring accurate and up-to-date voter registration information is crucial. Secretary Landry’s office remains committed to protecting the integrity of the electoral process and providing voters with reliable resources to exercise their civic duty effectively.

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