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Spartans beat Apaches at home, 39-0

by Minden Press-Herald

The Glenbrook Apaches took on district 6AA frontrunner Prairie View Academy Friday night at Apache Stadium, coming out on the wrong end of a 39-0 decision.

“We had energy coming out,” head coach Caleb Carmikle said. “We just failed to execute and that was really the story from start to finish. Credit Prairie View though, that’s the best team in the conference.”

The Apaches missed several opportunities to score offensively, with drops and missed assignments in key moments marring most of Glenbrook’s possessions.

The Apaches biggest enemy offensively this season has been themselves.

“It takes a mentality of consistency,” Carmikle said. “I felt like we had a chance to explode through the air this week, but it seems like we didn’t have one snap where all 11 guys did their job, and that’s what it takes.”

Prairie View controlled most of the game on the ground.

“It’s a different animal,” Carmikle said. “They attacked our formation in the middle until we stopped it. By the time we stopped the dive it was too late.”

At 0-4, the Apaches are desparately searching for chemistry as they near the pivotal part of their schedule. At 0-1 in district, Glenbrook needs to figure it out, and soon.

“We can’t succeed until everybody buys in,” Carmikle said. “Once that happens we have a chance.“

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