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Speaker Johnson Gears Up for State of the Union Address Amidst Controversy

by Minden Press-Herald

With President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address tonight, Speaker Mike Johnson is making waves as he readies himself for the event. Amidst anticipation and controversy, Speaker Johnson has unveiled his preparations, which include releasing a video titled “Three Years of Decline” and announcing his lineup of guests for the address.

The 90-second video, dubbed “Three Years of Decline,” serves as a critical analysis of what Speaker Johnson perceives as President Biden’s shortcomings across various fronts, including U.S. border security, the economy, the withdrawal from Afghanistan, and America’s global standing. Through this video, Speaker Johnson aims to underscore what he sees as a decline in the nation’s fortunes under President Biden’s leadership, setting the stage for a contentious evening.

In addition to the video release, Speaker Johnson has disclosed a diverse array of guests who will accompany him to the State of the Union Address. Among these esteemed individuals is Pastor John Fream of Cypress Baptist Church in Benton, Louisiana – Speaker Johnson’s home church. Pastor Fream’s presence at the event signifies a representation of local voices and perspectives, offering insights into the concerns and values of the community.

Alongside Pastor Fream, other guests slated to attend the address encompass a broad spectrum of American society, including angel and Gold Star families, women’s sports advocates, law enforcement officers, and individuals impacted by pressing national issues such as immigration, healthcare, and gender-affirming care for adolescents.

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