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Traffic stop behavior bill up for final debate

by Minden Press-Herald

BATON ROUGE – The House Committee on Transportation and Highways Tuesday favorably sent to the full House for final debate a bill that would add to driver education training the appropriate behavior when the driver is stopped by a law enforcement officer.

Senate Bill 17 would require such instructions to be added to pre-licensing training courses, as well as the road knowledge test.

Sen. Ryan Gatti, R-Bossier, sponsor of the bill, said SB 17 would not cost any money since driving classes already exist. The bill would just “add a component” to teach young drivers what to expect when stopped by a police officer.

“It’s about driver safety,” he asserted. “There’s a lot of anxiety when you get pulled over.”

Rep. Barbara Norton, D-Shreveport, said sometimes there are confrontations because people do not know how to respond.

SB17 would be effective Jan. 1, 2018.

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