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WPSO intercepts child predator with help of 15-year-old juvenile

by Minden Press-Herald

This past Sunday Webster Parish deputies were dispatched for a report of telephone harassment. Corey Montgomery, 32, was messaging a 15-year-old juvenile sexually explicit messages on Snapchat. The juvenile along with her sister-in-law recorded the conversation and contacted the sheriff’s office, who later intercepted Montgomery at a meetup spot spoken of in texts.

According to the booking report, Montgomery had tried messaging the juvenile about two weeks prior, but she deleted him, and had added him back after he sent her another message asking her to add him and that he had a comfortable bed.

Upon deputies arrival to the residence the report came from, they made contact with the 15-year-old juvenile, who, “Explained a 32-year-old male named Corey Montgomery started messaging her on Snapchat. Corey asked her if she was DTF, meaning down to ****, and [She] replied, ‘you know I’m 15 right?’” according to the booking report.

Montgomery went on to state that he had the wrong number, but then the juvenile “went on with the conversation, stating she was still ‘DTF’ to see what he would say,” according to the report.

Hitting the nail on the head, Corey told her he felt like it was a setup, but yet continued the conversation. He asked if he could pick her up down the road at the Muddy Bottoms gate and the end of Cook baker Road, and the juvenile said yes.

Deputies were dispatched at that location at the time Montogomery pulled up. Once they made contact with him, he stated, “He was just making the block going to the store to get cigarettes.”

Corey was then cuffed and transported to the substation. “Once we got to the substation Corey admitted he messed up and was talking to her. He admitted he knew she was 15 years old but continued to talk to her.

Corey was transported to BDCC and booked on the charges of computer-aided solicitation of a minor.

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