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We need more folks like Bennie Moore

by David Specht

Over the last month or so, I have been taking a new route to work each morning. This route takes me a long U.S. Hwy. 80 east of town toward E. Union St.

Each morning, I am greeted by the same waving arm and same smiling face from Bennie Moore. He comes out to the corner of Highway 80 and Deerfield Boulevard every morning to wave to every vehicle that passes by.

In 2016, Michelle Bates wrote a story about Bennie and the reasons why he does what he does.
“It takes more energy to frown than it does to smile,” Moore said as he continued to wave at motorists passing by. “It’s just such a blessing. You never know what kind of mood people are in, and you never know what people are going through. Just a smile or a wave can mean so much to change people’s outlook and what they’re thinking.”

While not the shortest path to work, I often find myself taking Highway 80 and the town simply for the friendly interaction at that corner.

Bennie Moore does not care what color your skin is, if you are a Republican or a Democrat, or if you voted for President Trump or not. He simply wants to spread a little joy each morning as people had to work and others during their daily drive.

Bennie Moore is a beacon of civility during a time when it seems like everyone is mad at one another for one reason or the other.

Perhaps we could all learn a lesson from Bennie Moore. Maybe it is better to wave and smile then to frown and criticize. Maybe it is better to appreciate our fellow man for who they are and not for where they stand on certain issues. Minden, and dare I say the United States, need a lot more Bennie Moores.

David Specht Jr. is editor and publisher of the Minden Press-Herald.

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