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Webster students shine with STAR awards

by Minden Press-Herald

Several students in Webster Parish were rewarded for their commitment to their community.

Charles Bell, of Game Warriors, a community service program through gaming, recognized 12 students and three faculty members for their work with the program.

Students Taking Action Recognition, or STAR, awards are to recognize students who have contributed to their community, whether it be helping the elderly or providing a service to someone. They have helped the homeless, organized and participated in fundraisers and have helped underprivileged children.

“It’s to recognize the children who went above and beyond and not just getting recognized for scholastic awards,” he said. “These
students are not only role models for their peers, but for us as adults as well.”

The program began as part of Game Warriors’ anti-bullying efforts.

The inspiration award went to Melba Morgan. The mentor award went to Dusty Rowland and the service heart award went to Brandon Anders.

Students who were recognized included:

Madelyn Smith, a first grade student at North Webster Lower Elementary,

Baylee Cottle, a second grader at J.L. Jones Elementary,

Jaden Shaffer, a third grade student at Brown Upper Elementary,

Gracelyn Green, a fourth grade student at Central Elementary,

Jessie Moore, a fifth grade student at Brown Upper Elementary,

Abram Otwell, a sixth grader at North Webster Junior High School,

Courtney Moore, a seventh grader at Doyline High School,

Abram Anders, an eighth grade student at Glenbrook School,

Kirsten Sibley, a freshman at Minden High School,

Cassidy McKinney, a sophomore at Minden High School,

Raylicia Dillard, a junior at Minden High School, and

Nick Joslin, a senior at Minden High School.

Each student and faculty member was given a small trophy for their service to the community.

Game Warriors began in 2006 as a tournament between friends and family to pass the time. By 2011, the first tournament was hosted for a local youth group, Bell says. About two months later, another tournament took place to raise awareness and funds for anti-bullying efforts. As a result, he says, Game Warriors: Gaming for a Cause was formed.

“There are a large number of great and worthy causes out there and some of them that aren’t really known about and others that everyone knows about,” Bell said in his mission statement. “To us, it is just as important to raise awareness of these great organizations as it is to raise money, because if the awareness is there, then the more likely the funds are to be there.”

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