What kind of challenges were on ‘Chaos Walking’ set With Daisy Ridley?

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Interviewer: I want to start with this really cool concept you get to work with which is interacting not only with a performance but their thoughts at the same time i was wondering what the kind of challenges were on set with working with that concept of the noise.

Daisy Ridley: I mean a sort of initial and it sounds so silly but it was a bit of a challenge is i always had to remember to be like giving my eye line differently because obviously there always had to be room for the noise because we knew it was going to come in visual effects but i was also contending with doug shouting the noise so me and tom would be like doing a scene and doug would be like shouting dog dog but like random stuff throughout the whole scene so i became like weirdly okay with you know during a scene everyone said everyone be quiet everyone be quiet but not not this so i became very okay with talking to another actor while our director shouted things out.

Interviewer: There’s such an interesting i think discourse around reshoots where i’ve also heard that it’s kind of just a norm in big budget movies for reshoots to happen so i was just wondering for you like what’s something that you’ve learned about reshoots that we may not realize from like the outside looking in.

Daisy Ridley: I think to be honest to be able to do additional photography you’re already in a really like lucky space because basically there’s the budget to do it i’m sure that there are films where they were like or it would be great if we had another day and sometimes the budget is just restricted, I’ve done additional photography on all the star wars films and on this so for me it’s like it just is what it is and i think there’s a really amazing way to take a step back in between times and give you a little bit of perspective and also a lot of the time people have seen an edit and they’re like oh you know what would really help this so it ends up being really helpful because you can add things that might help a relationship so we did mine and todd the kiss scene that was in additional photography and it’s such a sweet moment and really it shows the sort of them bridging the understanding of the the noise and viola’s like i can deal with this and you know we can go off on this adventure together so i think it is it usually is really helpful yeah.

Interviewer: Because i think it’s really cool that you and tom holland kind of came up around the same time with marvel and star wars and then got to kind of pause and be on a few months on chaos walking together i was wondering how that experience maybe allowed you both to kind of check in with each other and take stock of like your fame that was happening at the time.

Daisy Ridley: I genuinely think tom has like a way different time than me i was like part of a group of wonderful people and i always felt part of a group and you know star wars is like is its own thing like it has a life of its own and i was always with john and oscar and adam like it was always like a group thing i think like tom plays spider-man in spider-man like it’s mega it’s not to like i know i had like a mega opportunity and it’s amazing but in terms of that like it’s so different like he is literally the face of spider-man which i’m like that is intense but he deals with it very well and he gets like approached and everything a lot and he’s great and so gracious and yeah great.



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