NEW ORLEANS — Opponents of a plan to burn 7,500 tons of M6 artillery propellant at Camp Minden say several much safer alternatives should have been considered.

At least three are federally certified as safe ways to get rid of explosives, Craig Williams of the Chemical Weapons Working Group said during a teleconference Thursday organized by the nonprofit group Louisiana Progress.

The group also set up links to information about the alternatives on one of its websites.

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Asked about the list, Environmental Protection Agency spokesman David Gray emailed, “We are pleased to learn that people are making the best of



  1. I worked at Red River Munitions Center as an Explosives Destroyer Supervisor we burned thousands of pounds of explosives daily with no side effects. I would like to help you guys and my Explosive Leader to he is up for the job. We Had 18 heat lined Truck beds and we did two burns a day Nine in the morning and Nine in the after noon.

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