Courtesy Photo/Braxton Stuckey

The Glenbrook Apaches were as close to winning as you can get without getting the job done last week, losing in double overtime against the CHEF Patriots.

After coming so close to victory, Apache head coach Caleb Carmikle said he thinks his team is hungry for that first win.

“Practice this week has been great,” Carmikle said. “I think the guys finally see how close we are and are starting to believe in what we’re doing. This has been our best week of practice so far and we have a good plan heading into Greenville; We’ll see how it goes.”

Greenville Christian



  1. well…aint that special…..A school that was formed as an alternative to racially integrated schools now has BLACKS on their football team. I can see their early 70’s alumns pitching a fit. What has tha world come ta?

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