Bonnie SmithBonnie Swain Smith was born Oct. 15, 1932, in Biloxi, Miss. in her family’s home. Bonnie was blessed to be in a close-knit family who always showed their love for one another. In growing up she developed an easy-going manner and never met a stranger. She instilled in her children and grandchildren high morals and the importance of integrity, honesty and the value of family.

A mother and homemaker, Bonnie was an excellent cook and enjoyed preparing meals for her family and friends. Over the years she prepared



  1. Good — is the first word I think , when Miss Bonnie comes to mind. Good friend- good mother -good wife- good homemaker-good kids-good looking- good worker- nothing but GOOD from my neighbor and friend, Miss Bonnie ….. Dubberly is just a place but it has been home to some of the world’s finest people. After shoeing, Bud, James Blythes lovely ” blonde” horse recently, I stopped by to get a kiss and a smile from Miss Bonnie. She was being fed lunch by her husband , and her daughter and just looked blankly at me, momentarily. Then flashed that wonderful smile and lit up. I’m going to keep that smile and look with my greatest treasures, deep within. She was CLASS……

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