A march protesting the actions of some members of the Minden Police Department has been planned for Saturday, the same day Minden will be holding its Fasching Fifth Season Festival.

Organizers said the peaceful protest would begin and end at Woo’s Barber Shop after winding through downtown Minden, the site of the festival.

According to a release announcing the protest, marchers will depart at 1 p.m. from Woo’s Barber Shop on Martin Luther King Drive and proceed to Sheppard Street. The route will continue to Lee Street, then to Broadway.

Marchers will head east on Broadway to its intersection with East Union,



  1. If the Chief has talked with one of the individuals planning the march and he feels nothing was done wrong then what is the purpose of the match? Is it because their sending the message the chief is wrong or what? He is in charge of the police officers. So I’m guessing the march is more directed toward the chief instead of the officers. Plus it looks like to me if we as adults can’t respect the authorities that are in place and trust they are doing their job then I would say the protesters are the ones with the problem. They should go to the civil service board instead of protesting. You can’t bully people into doing what is right.

  2. Of course he(Mr. Cropper) is going to side with the officer’s. What I personally would like to see come from this demonstration is some action from the justice department in putting this polluted excuse me police department under federal review.For practices that has been going on long before Cropper.

  3. The article says the march is directed at “police officers”! Nowhere did it say the “chief”. Also, these people could be law abiding citizens that are being “harassed” by some of the officers that have let their positions go to their heads. Just because they’re having problems with them doesn’t mean they are breaking the law. Too many judge people when we only have one judge and that is God!

  4. I don’t believe it makes sense to say that those leading the protest are the problem. It’s not about them disrespecting the law. At no point were any laws broken. They feel they are being harrassed by “a few officers”. The Chief’s response is they followed the law. But if no crimes were being committed then what policies were they abiding by. They are protesting PEACEFULLY for that very reason. They feel they are being harrassed by a couple of officers without any cause and no one wants to listen to them. I have a very best friend that is a police officer, but that doesn’t mean I believe all officers are good. Some are not. Some are hero’s and some are wolves in sheep’s clothing. It’s just like lawyers and Doctors. Some are elite and best in their field. But some are just lucky they made it through school.

  5. Just low information voters who have spent too much timye listening to the mainstream media one sided coverage of Ferguson. Why is it that if it appears to be a black wronged by a white they get their panties in a wad but when it’s black wronging, injuring, or killing a person of almost any race, there is almost nothing said? I thought our great leader was going to unite us and make the rising waters subside. Could Chicago Jesus be a fraud?

  6. There are some very disrespectful police in Minden that take they authority to the head. You can’t talk to people any kind of way and expect nobody to snap back some minden officers think that badge save them… I said some now!!

  7. Has everyone fallen and bumped their heads?!?!? First of all where did this story about the dumb girl called 911 and freaked out when she realized she had drugs in her house? Second of all why in the world would people assume that this has to do with ignorant, uneducated people? I happen to know that some of the main people involved have more education, degrees, and apparently common sense than some of you combined. Third, who said this was a black/white issue? They are not against the entire dept. And what reasonable minded person would compare a repeatedly stated PEACEFUL protest to Ferguson Missouri? There is nothing peaceful about that. Those people are recklessly destroying their community. That’s what wrong with this town. Quit judging everyone’s intentions and actions. That’s not your job. Quit forcing your beliefs down everyone’s throat. You are entitled to your opinion but that does not automatically make it a fact. And lastly for crying out damn loud, everything IS NOT a racial issue. And that goes for both sides! What ever happened to humanity. Love everyone no matter their color. You don’t have to love all their actions just love the person. If people would put as much effort into loving and helping fellow mankind as they do into hatred and forced opinions this world would be one great place to live! But let’s face it, we will never ever see that kind of progress in our time on this earth!

  8. Brandi Irby I’d like to know where you gpt your info that no laws were broken. If that were the case the police would have never showed up. The reason these ppl are doing a march instead of a law suite is because it would come out that the officers involved were responding in accordance with regulations to a 911 call and that doesn’t attract much attention. This incident is on tape so I would get more facts before you start throwing those serve and protect under the bus. This is just a case of someone using what is going on in Ferguson to try to get away with crimes here by calling fowl and attracting negative attention to our community

  9. Who are the officers involved? Who are their alleged victims? Who are their accusers? What sort of background or records do the officers as well as their alleged victims have? Are they ” troublemakers”? What, specifically, are they accused of doing?

  10. Linda I was referring to the fact that the article stated the chief talked to the parties iinvolved and also to the ones organizing the protest. So in my opinion if the man in charge of these police officers found no wrong doings then we should respect that.

  11. I work for Coca-Cola(not Minden). Naturally we have to take a multitude of classes on behavior in the work place. One of the things that sticks out in my mind is a comment from the bullying course. Being bullied is not about the perception of the person accused of bullying. It is the perception of the person being bullied. If they feel they’re being bullied then they are.

  12. It seems that there isn’t much information so far to go on here. I have been searching for what exactly the problem is, and so far have only found vague allegations. What exactly happened?
    What exactly is the protest about?

  13. I’m just getting a moment to check back on this article.

    I see posts that are miles away from the actual article…several posts about history that no one on here could have possibly been present.
    She asked a question that includes a list of situations..then asked have you been through that..I’d like her to know that…yes ma’am..I could check off I think all but one..but..again…that has nothing to do with what is being discussed right now.

    I’m going to let you know…if you show disrespect Chief Steve Cropper..shame on you…I know him…I know how he leads his officers…I’ve never once known him to be unfair to anyone.
    We have NO INFORMATION ON THESE TWO CASES…Therefore any opinions are based on assumptions.

    There are some of my favorite friends that wear a badge and have dedicated their lives to serve and protect..most are clueless with regard to what these officers face daily.

    I know for a FACT that my hometown of Minden, LA is very blessed to have such dedicated and unbiased leaders of both the police department and the sheriff’s department…
    If you do not feel that way you may consider calling both and request a meeting with both..then you will know that you are incredibly misinformed of the amazing competence of Chief Steve Cropper.

    He is my friend and I’m very offended by what some of you are saying about him. I will defend him, not only because he’s my friend…but also bbecause I have personally seen how he handles situations and the fact that he is one of the best Chief of police minden has ever been blessed to have.
    I encourage you to express your opinions that are based on FACTS.

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