Peyton Scott Goerner
Peyton Scott Goerner
Tanner Lynn McBroom
Tanner Lynn McBroom

DOYLINE — Two Webster Parish teenagers have traded room in a camper for rooms at the parish jail after members of the Sheriff’s Community Action Directive team found illegal narcotics and alcohol in their trailer.

Tanner Lynn McBroom, 19, of Sibley and 19-year-old Peyton Scott Goerner, who lives in Doyline, were arrested Monday morning after deputies received information that illegal narcotics might be found in



  1. They do have a real damn job. These two not only stole the drugs they had in their posession they did not even know to whom the camper belonged when they were arrested. Hopefully this will be a life lesson and they will straighten up before worse things happen.

  2. REALLY Linda Simpson Holland I have no clue who these kids were but I know it says they were arrested for having some pot in there trailer and that’s really all if they had stolen things or they were trespassing, the article should include that…..don’t you think Christie Carter Gates …so how about you dumb bitches get back to raising your ugly ass children and get off my shit ……thanks

  3. How exactly would you know that the drugs were stolen? Does that mean you know who they were stolen from? If so, do tell. Just because they had a little pot and alcohol doesn’t make them horrible people. I can promise you that there are FAR worse things going on in Webster parish than a couple 19yr olds with a little pot.

  4. What kind of low life talks about peoples kids? I bet GNC would be interested to find out how their manager is acting on a social media site.

  5. Just like Preston said, how do you know they were stolen? Because fromthe article, some one snitched on them. Snitches get stitches. I know Tanner personally. He is a real good friend of mine. It’s not like he was selling it or that it was even a hard drug. Come on now. Get real!! And please do lie and say that you didn’t drink at 19. That’s all we have to do in this shitty town!! Get off his case!! He is a damn good guy!!

  6. Jordan Woodle, your trolling a paper in a town that you don’t even live in and your gonna make a remark about the cops needing real jobs? What does your job do to help society? Keep taking those gym selfies and trolling

  7. Wow…i knew him years ago. But guess what, you know what your getting yourself into when you do this stuff. And if his “friends” that got him involved then they are to blame just as much. Drugs are bad no matter how you look at it.As for the Officers…Their doing their job, just like anybody else, when your flipping burgers at McDonalds and someone doesnt like it, do they find you on the internet and rip into you?

  8. Thank god! Webster parish is so much safer now since they’ve arrested two pot head teenagers drinking a couple beers in a camper minding their own business. Thanks for not going after the rapist meth head thieving bastards that webster parish is full of. I will sleep so much better tonight knowing these hardened criminals are off the street!

  9. I spoke with Tanner a little while ago, there is very little truth to this article. There wasn’t a “knock and talk”, Peyton woke up to the cops in his face, already in the camper. Uhm. Unless they had a search warrant, that was very much illegal. Second, just asI said, someone snitched on these boys. When in reality, Webster Parish needs to be more concerned about the amount of meth tthat is in this town. I don’t see them conducting a “knock and talk” with the meth heads in this town. And we all know there is plenty of them. This town has turned into a hot spot for it.

  10. C’mon folks…keep the comments clean. If you want to get nasty scoot on over to FB and do your sniping there. Remember these articles and comments may be read by children who shouldn’t learn bad language from the newspaper.

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