SPRINGHILL — A father-daughter team has been taken into custody in Springhill, following an investigation of illegal narcotics activities at their residence.

Lacie Lasha Poe, 18, and Benjamin D. Poe, 45, of the 900 block of 1st St. S.E., Springhill, were arrested by North Webster Narcotics Task Force agents on drug charges.

Lt. Shawn Baker says Lacie Poe was in Ward II court when she was arrested for distribution of CDS Sch. II methamphetamine.

“This was the result of an ongoing investigation at her residence where agents purchased methamphetamine



  1. This guy had spent many years stealing cases of cokes from grocery stores..lockedhis wife in the house from the outside and very abusive..his daughter is a very smart girl and has a chance to escape his mental control and make something of herself..keep the scumbag and give Laece a chance to live her life!

  2. Mental abuse is just as dangerous as physical abuse and therapy is highly recommended. I hope Laece can recover and move on with her life. Signs of abuse is small at the beginning and can very well end up in death. If you see this type of abuse in relationships, RUN.

  3. Why haven’t the authorities intervened on behalf of these children, especially if everyone knows about it, must be something there worth investigating.

  4. I have known this guy for years. He is not very bright as anyone can see. He voluntarily gave the sherriffs office permission to search his house knowing he had narcotics inside. He should be featured on America’s dumbest criminals.

  5. I just want to know why all of the people commenting about how they’ve known this man to be abusive for years are just now saying something. It’s too late now! Don’t act like yall care when hell broke lose. They’re lives were rough & none of you did anything & wannabe bitch now? Ha.

  6. Benji we have been friends since teenager years you could have came to me if u needed help I have been there for you before now u got lacey on this mess u should be shame she is ur daughter and deserved a chance what about ur sons u r suppose to be there for them not hurt them don’t care what nobody says I will always be ur friend we all make mistakes

  7. Yea your right something should have been done but guess what DSS wouldn’t do nothing I tried to tell them yrs ago they wouldn’t listen to me I’m the kids mother I want my daughter to know I love her and her brothers and I hope she gets help for her mental issues he has caused and for the drugs baby you don’t have to live like that I don’t do drugs or drink and you and your brothers have a safe place with me ifyou want to come here … but i will tell you why nothing is being done about these kids and hadn’t for yrs its because of one dirty cop sheriff Gary sexton covering for him always has and no one will do anything about it not even DSS but hopefully now DSS will see they made a huge mistake giving him cusdoty because all he has done is messed my kids lives up thanks Webster parish DSS and sheriff office if y’all would have done y’all jobs yrs ago and gave me the kids this might not would have happened blame this on DSS and sheriffs office too for not helping I’m thinking of sueing them for taking my kids and placing them in a unstable home

  8. The man needs help.. I am the grandmother of these kids…Every time we would do something to get Daian and the kid’s away from him he would use family influence and money to block us from doing so.. Without going in depth with what he has done I will say he will get his in the end…I have not been able to see them since our last court date where I was told I could not see tthem unless I had a deputy from Spring hill or Minden because I was a truck driver and I had reason to take the kids… Dam right I did..I can not change what has happened and only hope that now people will see what as been going on for year’s…I’m also hoping DSS will come in an investigate this.. Laece has the rest of her life ahead of her. She is a great Artist and has a full Art scholarship at SAU..I’m hoping this time away from her father she will see him for what he truly is..I wish that it did not take this for others to see what I have know for year and could not do any thing about it..that is my only regret in all of this..Laece made her choice yes but what people don’t understand is her dad played a big part in this..Please someone help me out with spreading the word how bad he truly is.. He needs help as well as Laece does too

  9. Say what u want people but Benji used many people to help his family instead of trying to help them hinself. He is a convicted thief and now just another example of how poor a father figure he truly was and is has become public knowledge. Any father that would have his kid selling drugs with him does not need defending….he needs prayer and some serious mental help!! I pray to God that he intervenes into this families life and uses this as the final straw to get them straight!!! I pray for God’s hands to guide those who come into contact with them to show them that this isn’t the end and that all things are possible thru Christ our lord. God knows they need all the help they can get.

  10. Diana u were not good either at one time we all make mistakes of I knew that Benji was gonna do this I would have never went to court on his behalf lacey deserves a chance he should have never hooter out what about the boys

  11. I know what u went threw I also know what u did to lacey throwing her out of the car but that does not matter the kids need u now more than ever I’m going over there to see them wish lacey was there and check up on the boys I know benji was possessive they way he did u he never did me that way I used to beat on him hope she gets out if he has the main chief in his pocket then she should be out not him I will always be his friend but only cause of the kids j need to get them back

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