BATON ROUGE — A Louisiana lawmaker said Tuesday that changes are coming to his divisive religious objections bill, a key piece of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s legislative agenda that has run into sharp criticism over concerns that it could lead to discrimination against gays and other minorities.

“We are not in favor of discriminating against anyone,” said Rep. Mike Johnson, R-Bossier City, who sponsored the bill as a means to protect workers including wedding planners, photographers and bakers who object to working with gay couples but fear state retribution.

As written, the legislation would ban the state from denying any resident business licenses,



  1. I am sick and tired of gays and persons involved in relationships most of society does not condone raising so much hell and trying to force their way on society. I’m not sure of the constitutionality of “religious protection” legislation but “normal people” deserve as much protection as the homosexual minority that raises so much hell one would believe that they comprise more than 5% of the US population identifies themselves as gay.

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